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Alive! (2009)
Gjallë (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production country: Albania
Director: Artan Minarolli
Plot keywords: drama
Koli, a college student, hides in the countryside to escape a blood feud, but soon realizes he has to go back to his school, to his life in the city, at the risk of confronting his assassin and involuntarily, [...]
Brides (2004)
Νύφες (original title)
Fiction, 128 min
Production country: Greece
Director: Pantelis Voulgaris
Plot keywords: drama, Romance, migration
Summer of 1922. Photographer Norman Harris and Niki are sailing to America aboard the same ship. Norman in first class and Niki in third, together with some 700 other brides. They all carry the photograph [...]
Hostage (2005)
Όμηρος (original title)
Fiction, 105 min
Production countries: Greece,Turkey
Director: Constantinos Giannaris
Plot keywords: drama, based on a true story, migration
A young Albanian immigrant hijacks an intercity bus outside Thessaloniki in northern Greece taking hostage seven of the passengers, seeking revenge for the injustices done to him. His demands include [...]
Close, so ...close (2002)
Παρά λίγο, παρά πόντο, παρά τρίχα (original title)
Fiction, 121 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Stella Theodoraki
The three different sides of an erotic triangle placed under the microscope. Three very different points of view joined by one common denominator: the relationship they share. This is the story of a [...]
Thief or Reality-Three Versions (2001)
Κλέφτης ή πραγματικότητα, τρεις εκδοχές (original title)
Fiction, 83 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Antoinetta Angelidi
"Reality steals your dreams and you steal it in order to dream. Reality steals your life and you steal it in order to live." A darkly optimistic film. Three versions of just one day. Three characters trapped [...]
Marathon (2004)
Μαραθώνιος (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Antonis Kokkinos
Plot keywords: drama
The film "Marathon" is a sort of parable about a man's emotional deadlocks in relation to all the women in his life, told against the background of his attempt to coach the Greek Marathon Champion for [...]
The Crossing (2006)
Το πέρασμα (original title)
Fiction, 109 min
Production countries: Greece,Turkey
Director: Dimitris Stavrakas
Plot keywords: drama
In a village in Bangladesh, a young couple in love. He (Jaheed) collects penny-by-penny the cash needed to go and seek his fortune abroad. She (Jasmine) will wait for him to return once he has made enough [...]
The King (2002)
Ο βασιλιάς (original title)
Fiction, 130 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Nikos Grammatikos
Plot keywords: drama
A thirty five year-old man decides to break away from his shadowy past and change his life. The inhabitants of the village where he decides to take up residence view him with suspicion and hostility. [...]
The Dog`s Dream (2004)
Το όνειρο του σκύλου (original title)
Fiction, 88 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Angelos Frantzis
The film tells the story of a magical night in Athens. A man has a dream that concerns a strange robbery. When he returns home, he finds that all his belongings have been stolen in an equally strange manner. [...]
Chariton`s Choir (2005)
Η χορωδία του Χαρίτωνα (original title)
Fiction, 116 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Grigoris Karantinakis
Plot keywords: Comedy
It is the spring of ’68. A small country town is in turmoil. Everyone’s life revolves around the regional Annual Choir Contest, which, for half a century, has been the focus of the town’s existence. [...]
El Greco (2007)
El Greco (original title)
Fiction, 117 min
Production countries: Greece,Spain,Hungary
Director: Iannis Smaragdis
Plot keywords: drama, biography
An epic tale of an uncompromising artist and fighter for freedom, Domenicos Theotocopoulos, known to the world as «El Greco». Set in the 16th century, El Greco’s search for freedom, and love, ranges [...]
Eduart (2007)
Έντουαρτ (original title)
Fiction, 105 min
Production countries: Greece,Germany,Albania,Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Director: Angeliki Antoniou
Plot keywords: drama, crime, migration, based on a true story
Based upon true events Eduart, a young man raised in a cruel and oppressive family environment, leaves his country with the dream of becoming a rock star and living a better life. His reckless character [...]
Testosterone (2004)
Τεστοστερόνη (original title)
Fiction, 92 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Giorgos Panoussopoulos
Petros is a young sailor aged 22. He returns to his native island for twenty four hours in order to pick up his late grandpa’s VW Beetle. It is winter and this is his first leave. His testosterone [...]
A Touch of Spice (2003)
Πολίτικη κουζίνα (original title)
Fiction, 108 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Tassos Boulmetis
Plot keywords: drama
A little before he receives his grandfather, who is arriving from Istanbul, an astrophysicist recollects his childhood in Constantinople: his life there, his family, friends and childhood love. In the [...]
Dust (I) (2004)
Η σκόνη που πέφτει (original title)
Fiction, 98 min
Production countries: Greece,Czech Republic
Director: Tassos Psarras
Plot keywords: drama, action
Chronis a successful journalist in his fifties lives a relatively comfortable life in Athens with his wife and two children. Chronis’ father, who was a schoolteacher, was called up in the years of [...]
The Valiants of Samothrace (2003)
Οι γενναίοι της Σαμοθράκης (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Stamatis Tsarouchas
Plot keywords: Comedy
An original comedy of situations. The film follows the course of a company of conscripts during the 1974 mobilization and the tragicomic events that followed. At that time they were serving in a battalion [...]
False Alarm (2006)
Ώρες κοινής ησυχίας (original title)
Fiction, 88 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Katerina Evangelakou
It is summertime in a pedestrian street at the heart of the city. Someone parks his/her car, activates the alarm and leaves. We are never going to see who it is. The alarm of the car keeps going off all [...]
Like Chef, Like God (2004)
Είναι ο θεός μάγειρας; (original title)
Fiction, 96 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Stergios Niziris
Plot keywords: Comedy
The hero of the film keeps changing jobs looking for something worth devoting himself to. His breezy attitude towards life and women changes when he accidentally discovers his talent for cooking. Soon [...]
Dancing on Ice (2009)
Χορεύοντας στον πάγο (original title)
Fiction, 102 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Stavros Ioannou
Plot keywords: drama
After the collapse of the Eastern Bloc, a series of nationalist conflicts bring terror and disorder to the Balkans.The result: poverty and large scale immigration. Three women from three different Eastern [...]
Slaves in Their Bonds (2008)
Σκλάβοι στα δεσμά τους (original title)
Fiction, 128 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Tony Lykouressis
Plot keywords: drama
Early 20th century, Corfu.Through the passion of the love affairs and the tension they create, unfolds the dramatic collapse of the noble Ofiomahos family, against the backdrop of the rise of the Greek [...]
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