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Graduation (2016)
Bacalaureat (original title)
Fiction, 128 min
Production countries: Romania,France,Belgium
Director: Cristian Mungiu
Plot keywords: drama
Graduation is a family drama that centers on themes of parenting set against the backdrop of a small Romanian town where everybody knows everyone. [...]
Libelula (2015)
Libelula (original title)
Short Film, 15 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Mihai Salajan
A journey into the core of an ordinary tower block which illustrates how living in a small apartment feels like related by the building's caretaker. The common life, the routine, the past, the present, [...]
The miracle of Tekir (2015)
Miracolul Din Tekir (original title)
Fiction, 88 min
Production countries: Switzerland,Romania
Director: Ruxandra Zenide
Plot keywords: drama, Mystery
Unmarried Mara has mysteriously fallen pregnant. This poses a problem for her fellow residents of the small fishing village on the Danube delta, where Europe’s second longest river enters the Black Sea, [...]
Through the Ashes of the Empire (1978)
Prin cenusa imperiului (original title)
Fiction, 101 min
Production countries: Romania
Plot keywords: drama, History
The film captures the metaphorical breakup of an empire and why Nations revival-and imperious claimed independence. Everything is seen from the perspective of two characters moving almost ghostly "through [...]
Hotel Dallas (2016)
Hotel Dallas (original title)
Fiction, 75 min
Production countries: Romania,USA
Director: Livia Ungur
Plot keywords: fiction, documentary, drama
In the 80s, in the twilight of communist Romania,  "Dallas" is the only American show allowed on TV. It offers a vision of wealth and glamour that captures the imagination of millions. Among them [...]
Illegitimate (2016)
Ilegitim (original title)
Fiction, 89 min
Production countries: Romania,Poland,France
Director: Adrian Sitaru
Plot keywords: drama
Sitting at the dinner table with his four grown-up children and their partners, widower Victor relishes his role as family patriarch. He holds forth on physics and wine until his son Cosma confronts him [...]
Cinema, Mon Amour (2015)
Cinema, Mon Amour (original title)
Documentary, 70 min
Production countries: Romania,Czech Republic
Director: Alexandru Belc
Cinema, Mon Amour follows the story of Viktor Purice - manager, former projectionist and lifetime cinephile and his two loyal employees, Cornelia & Lorena, in their everyday battle to preserve Dacia [...]
Orizont (2015)
Orizont (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Marian Crisan
Plot keywords: drama, thriller
Trying to find their luck after many years working abroad, husband and wife Lucian and Andra take shelter in remote cottage hidden somewhere in the Apuseni Mountains. All is seemingly well until they realize [...]
The Ride (1975)
Cursa (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Mircea Daneliuc
Plot keywords: drama
Savu and Panait, two drivers working for a firm of construction and assembly must ensure the movement of a giant machine. Along the way, she meets Miriam, a young gone to meet his fiance even transport [...]
Microphone Test (1979)
Probă de Microfon (original title)
Fiction, 106 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Mircea Daneliuc
Plot keywords: drama
A television reporter and her cameraman find themselves in the middle of intertwined professional and personal dilemma. [...]
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