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Carmen (2013)
Carmen (original title)
Fiction, 89 min
Production country: Romania
Director: Doru Nitescu
Plot keywords: drama
Mariana’s little girl, Carmen, who can no longer smile, is found to be very ill. One doctor alone, Sitaru, believes he can perform a miracle and save Carmen’s life. Struggling for her [...]
Carnival Scenes (1981)
De ce trag clopotele, Mitică? (original title)
Fiction, 120 min
Production country: Romania
Director: Lucian Pintilie
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
The film is based on varius works of writer Ion Luca Caragiale. The movie was banned by order of Nicolae Ceaușescu and was circulated after 1990.  [...]
Carol I (2009)
Carol I (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production country: Romania
Director: Sergiu Nicolaescu
Plot keywords: biography, drama, History
It's the summer of 1914. At 75 years of age, King Carol I, the founder of modern Romania, has retired to the Peles Castle. Queen Elisabeth, his devoted wife and trusted friend, is at his side. The monarch [...]
Charleston (2017)
Charleston (original title)
Fiction, 119 min
Production countries: Romania,France
Director: Andrei Cretulescu
A couple of weeks after his wife Ioana dies in a car crash, drunk and alone on the night he turns 42, Alexandru receives a visit. Sebastian, a shy, younger man, has been Ioana's lover for the past five [...]
Chasing Rainbows (2012)
Și caii sunt verzi pe pereți (original title)
Fiction, 107 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Dan Chisu
Plot keywords: adventure
Chasing Rainbows is a story about the illusion of becoming rich in Romania. In a country where stories of striking it rich are everywhere, anyone thinks such a thing is not only possible, but it’s easily [...]
Child`s Pose (2013)
Poziţia Copilului (original title)
Fiction, 112 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Calin Peter Netzer
Plot keywords: drama
Child's Pose is a contemporary drama focusing on the relationship between a mother and her 32-year-old son. After the accidental killing of a boy in a car crash, the mother tries to prevent her son being [...]
Chuck Norris vs Communism (2015)
Chuck Norris vs Communism (original title)
Documentary, 78 min
Production countries: Romania,United Kingdom,Germany
Director: Ilinca Calugareanu
Plot keywords: History
Chuck Norris vs Communism takes place in the 1980s, when the Communist regime in Romania was more brutal and extreme than any of the Soviet Nations.Hidden .from the scrutinising eyes of the Secret Police, [...]
Cigarettes and Coffee (2003)
Un Cartus De Kent Si Un Pachet De Cafea (original title)
Short Film, 13 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Cristi Puiu
An old man enters a restaurant in Bucharest. He takes a seat at a table where a younger man who looks like he could be a successful businessman is already eating dessert. Their conversation revolves around [...]
Clara B. (2006)
Clara B. (original title)
Documentary, 52 min
Production countries: France
Director: Alexandru Solomon
Through archive footage, newsreels and authentic photos of the time, the film tells the story of an imaginary character: Clara B., photographer and reporter. Clara’s existence is reconstructed by Jonas [...]
Cold Waves (2007)
Razboi pe calea undelor (original title)
Documentary, 108 min
Production countries: Romania,Germany,Luxembourg
Director: Alexandru Solomon
This is a love and hate story built around something no one can see or touch: radio waves. During the 80's, Radio Free Europe was the secret relief and confidant of its Romanian listeners. The Radio [...]
Crulic - The Path to Beyond (2011)
Crulic – Drumul spre dincolo (original title)
Animation, 73 min
Production countries: Romania,Poland
Director: Anca Damian
Plot keywords: animation, drama
The animated documentary feature-length Crulic – The Path to Beyond tells the story of the life of Crulic, the 33 years old Romanian who died in a Polish prison while on hunger strike.The acclaimed Romanian [...]
Deja Vu (2013)
Déjà Vu (original title)
Fiction, 75 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Dan Chisu
Plot keywords: drama
After 20 years of marriage, a man decides to ask for a divorce and brings his mistress for the first time into his home. Shot entirely from the POV of the man, Déjà Vu has only six scenes, which were [...]
Discordia (2016)
Discordia (original title)
Fiction, 71 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Ion Indolean
Plot keywords: drama
Three strange days in the life of two young people. They live together under the same roof, sleep in separate rooms, eat at regular times, following a routine they had transformed into a ritual. They seem [...]
Dogs (2016)
Caini (original title)
Fiction, 110 min
Production countries: Romania,France,Bulgaria
Director: Bogdan Mirica
Plot keywords: drama
Roman, a young man from Bucharest, comes to the countryside near the border with Ukraine with the firm intention to sell the vast but desolate land he inherited from his grandfather. He is warned by old [...]
Domestic (2013)
Domestic (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production countries: Romania,Germany
Director: Adrian Sitaru
Plot keywords: Comedy
Wonderfully surreal, painfully real, this is the story of children, adults and animals who live together trying to have a better life, but sometimes death comes unexpectedly. In the bittersweet comedy [...]
Don't Lean out the Window / Sundays on Leave (1993)
È pericoloso sporgersi (original title)
Fiction, 104 min
Production countries: Romania,France
Director: Nae Caranfil
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
In Sundays on Leave, director Nicolae Caranfil has crafted a refined and lively comedy—one that plays exquisitely with our sense of how to tell funny stories from our occasionally mundane and moody lives. [...]
Double (2016)
Dublu (original title)
Fiction, 100 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Catrinel Danaiata
Plot keywords: drama
It seems that George has everything he could want. He has a loving girlfriend, his career as an architect is on the rise, and there are always enough friends around to go out for drinks. But there is one [...]
DramaKarma (2013)
DramaKarma (original title)
Fiction, 124 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Valentin Andrei
Plot keywords: drama
Alina, 17 years old, is not allowed by her mother in a three days trip to the mountains with her new boyfriend, Sorin, 20 years old, unless she is also taking her younger brother, Viorel, 14 years old, [...]
Dream Woman (Translated) (2005)
Femeia Visurilor (original title)
Fiction, 105 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Dan Pita
Plot keywords: drama
The film tells the story of a famous director, Thomas (Dan Condurache), at the height of his career, haunted by visions of women, and the problems of creation. Although his films are winning prizes and [...]
Eastern Business (2016)
Afacerea Est (original title)
Fiction, 84 min
Production countries: Romania,Lithuania
Director: Igor Cobileanski
Plot keywords: black comedy
Two Moldavian friends begin a journey full of adventures and suspense trying various business ideas in order to earn enough money to achieve their dreams. But they live in a place where destiny gets drunk [...]
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