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Baglar (2015)
Bağlar (original title)
Documentary, 79 min
Production country: Turkey
Director: Berke Bas
Plot keywords: war, sport
An underdog basketball team under the helm of an idealist school teacher from hard scrabble Diyarbakir in Southeastern Turkey goes beyond winning games in their mission to rise above prejudice, poverty [...]
Elephants and Grass (2001)
Filler ve Cimen (original title)
Fiction, 115 min
Production country: Turkey
Director: Dervis Zaim
Plot keywords: drama, thriller
Elephants and Grass is made up of six seemingly independent stories that are woven together into one. In this film, we find six characters brought together by a series of coincidences. One of these characters [...]
Waiting for Heaven (2007)
Cenneti Beklerken (original title)
Fiction, 110 min
Production countries: Hungary,Turkey
Director: Dervis Zaim
Plot keywords: drama, History
Eflatun, a miniaturist who lives in 17th century Istanbul, the capital city of the Ottoman Empire, uses western style to paint a portrait of his son who has just died.  But doing this gives him conflicting [...]
Dot (2008)
Nokta (original title)
Fiction, 78 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Dervis Zaim
Plot keywords: crime, drama, thriller
Derviş Zaim’s  film recounts the tale of a man tormented by a crime he once committed and now anxious to redeem himself. Prevailed upon by a friend, Ahmet is reluctantly involved in the theft of [...]
Dust Cloth (2015)
Toz Bezi (original title)
Fiction, 99 min
Production countries: Turkey,Germany
Director: Ahu Ozturk
Plot keywords: drama
Nesrin and Hatun are cleaning ladies in Istanbul. They are friends, neighbours and Kurds. Nesrin has kicked her husband out. It was only intended as a warning, but now he hasn’t returned, and Nesrin [...]
Rauf (2016)
Rauf (original title)
Fiction, 94 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Soner Caner
Plot keywords: drama
“I wanted to see what kind of colour pink is. If I find pink, Zana will fall in love with me.”First love is often painful. Still, that’s not going to stop Rauf from showing Zana how much he fancies [...]
Shadows and Faces (2010)
Gölgeler ve Suretler (original title)
Fiction, 116 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Dervis Zaim
Plot keywords: drama
Shadows and Faces tells the story of a young girl who is separated from his shadow puppetry performer father during the ethnic conflict between Cypriot Greeks and Cypriot Turks in 1963. [...]
Blue Bicycle (2016)
Mavi Bisiklet (original title)
Fiction, 94 min
Production countries: Turkey,Germany
Director: Umit Koreken
Plot keywords: drama
12-year-old Ali lives an austere life in the Anatolian countryside. He’s saving up his hard-earned money for his big dream: a brand-new, blue bicycle. When Elif, the girl he is secretly in love with, [...]
Belonging (2015)
Aidiyet (original title)
Short Film, 30 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Serkan Ertekin
Plot keywords: drama
Kaan has always been looking for a meaning in his life. Gizem and Bengi were in love but the city didn't welcome much girls like them. Fuat had spent his life as a homeless in the streets of Istanbul. [...]
Let the music play (2014)
Çalsın Sazlar (original title)
Documentary, 97 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Nesli Colgecen
Plot keywords: Romance, drama, Comedy
The story of two friends, both dreamers and easy going, who fall in love with the same girl and the resulting relationships involving passion, conflict and friendship from a fun yet naively sorrow perspective. [...]
A Good Fellow (2014)
Iyi Biri (original title)
Fiction, 109 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Ayhan Sonyurek
Plot keywords: Comedy
Mizrap may be a “good fellow” to everybody else, but to his family he is a big disappointment, a 40 year old with no job, no goals, no ambitions whatsoever. When he gets kicked out of the house it [...]
Love Will Change the Earth... (2014)
Yeryüzü Aşkin Yüzü Oluncaya Dek... (original title)
Documentary, 90 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Reyan Tuvi
Plot keywords: documentary, drama
On the last days of May 2013, the Taksim Square at the centre of Istanbul witnessed one of the largest civic uprisings in the history of modern Turkey. Millions took to the streets in a movement triggered [...]
Other Than Our Sea (2014)
Other Than Our Sea (original title)
Documentary, 10 min
Production countries: Italy,Turkey,United Kingdom
Director: Valentina Ferrandes
Plot keywords: documentary
From the relics of an ancient Greek colony in Southern Italy, to modern day shipwrecks in the Mediterranean Sea, a story of exploration told through fragments of classical literature, flashes of ethnographic [...]
Motherland (2015)
Ana Yurdu (original title)
Fiction, 98 min
Production countries: Turkey,Greece
Director: Senem Tuzen
Plot keywords: drama
Nesrin, an urban middle class woman recovering from a divorce, goes back to her deceased grandmother’​s​ old village in Anatolia to finish a novel and live out her dream of being a writer. When her [...]
Frenzy (2015)
Abluka (original title)
Fiction, 114 min
Production countries: Turkey,France
Director: Emin Alper
Plot keywords: drama, thriller
Kadir is released after a 15-year prison term and goes in search of his younger brother Ahmet. Meanwhile, Istanbul is in the grip of political violence. Hamza, a high-ranking police officer, helps Kadir [...]
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