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Edge of Night (1999)
Αυτή η νύχτα μένει (original title)
Fiction, 117 min
Production country: Greece
Director: Nikos Panagiotopoulos
Andreas and Stella are two kids who play the game of Life and Survival in the present-day Greece of unemployment, illegal immigrants and closed horizons. Some things they learn and some things happen to [...]
Peppermint (1999)
Peppermint (original title)
Fiction, 105 min
Production country: Greece
Director: Costas Kapakas
Plot keywords: drama, Comedy, coming of age
An album of photographs, even those of a family we don't know, makes us remember our own situations and the experiences that affected our entire life. It is not necessarily the most important events. Very [...]
Eternity and a Day (1998)
Μια αιωνιότητα και μια μέρα (original title)
Fiction, 132 min
Production countries: Greece,France,Italy
Director: Theo Angelopoulos
A rainy Sunday in Thessaloniki. Alexander, a famous writer who is terminally ill, is getting ready to leave the house by the seaside where he has lived aΙΙ his life, when he finds a letter from his wife [...]
The Four Seasons of the Law (1999)
Η εαρινή σύναξις των αγροφυλάκων (original title)
Fiction, 178 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Dimos Avdeliodis
The island of Chios, 1960. Following the sudden death of the local rural guard, the council of the village of Tholopotamos pressures the district agronomist to appoint a new man in the place of the deceased. [...]
The Boys (1999)
Τα αγόρια (original title)
Fiction, 75 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Katerina Philippou
Plot keywords: drama, thriller
"THE BOYS" is a psychological thriller, a game that unfolds within two parallel stories and in three different time frames. The Boys (young and old) and the woman's (investigator) who deals with the sole [...]
See You in Hell My Darling (1999)
Θα σε δω στην κόλαση αγάπη μου (original title)
Fiction, 110 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Nikos Nikolaidis
What's hell for others is home for us. This is the story of Vera, Elsa and a man and of the great love that bound them to each other. So they started out to grow up together but they didn't get very [...]
Numbered (1998)
Οι Αριθμημένοι (original title)
Fiction, 98 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Tassos Psarras
Plot keywords: crime, thriller
A young man with nο goals οr aspirations in life, who at some point found himself studying computer science only to quit soon after, meets a man who used to run a waning traditional business in Thessaloniki [...]
Black Out (1998)
Black out (original title)
Fiction, 160 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Menelaos Karamaghiolis
Mysterious tapes with the voice of the dead pilot Christos recall his tumultuous love affair with Maria and manage to totally upset her life with her new lover, the photographer Stavros.The secret of Christos-reported [...]
Sweet Dreams (2002)
Όνειρα γλυκά (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Pantelis Pagoulatos
A family with a volatile temperament. A family drama where there is room for humor even in its most intense moments. As a result of Antonis' illness the film's heroes discover the secrets and lies of [...]
Are you Crying? (2003)
Κλαις; (original title)
Fiction, 100 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Alexander Voulgaris (The Boy)
Vasili has what Nadia is lacking. Nadia has what Vasili is lacking. A puzzle of characters in the town center. [...]
The Mating Game (1998)
Η διακριτική γοητεία των αρσενικών (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Olga Malea
Plot keywords: Comedy
Three sisters are looking ρfor a relationship. LAURA, 30 years old, is a gym instructor and is having an affair with a married man. EMILIA, 32 years old, is a stockbroker, considered a bitch by one and [...]
Orpheus Descending (1995)
Με τον Ορφέα τον Αύγουστο (original title)
Fiction, 110 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Giorgos Zervoulakos
Plot keywords: drama
Eurydice is a singer in a small band of musicians that plays in the summer country fairs. Alekos is the leader of the group. With him are Dioyssis on the violin and Kyriakos on the clarinet. When Kyriakos [...]
It`s a Long Road (1998)
Όλα είναι δρόμος (original title)
Fiction, 118 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Pantelis Voulgaris
A film about three people who head towards a turning point in their lives. Ιn the first story, A Silver Coin οn the Lips, an archaeologist who has discovered an unlooted tomb of the Hellenistic period [...]
Loneliness Everywhere, Loneliness Nowhere (1998)
Μοναξιά μου όλα (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Dimitris Panayotatos
Sexual desire and meaningful communication has gone out of the marriage of a young couple. She immerses herself in her erotic fantasies while he sucrenders to ephemeral love affairs. When the woman discovers [...]
Shores of Twilight (1998)
Τα Ρόδινα Ακρογιάλια (original title)
Fiction, 101 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Efthimios Hatzis
Plot keywords: drama
A young man who is very much in love, Alexandros, is bewitched by a woman without daring to approach her. He steals a boat and pursues his vision which has now become for him a lighted window in the darkness. [...]
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