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The Trace of the Butterfly (2014)
Athar Al-Farasha (original title)
Documentary, 67 min
Production countries: Turkey,France,
Director: Amal Ramsis
Plot keywords: documentary, biography, History
What does a butterfly leave behind when it crosses the air around us? How do we feel its trace that never goes away? The film begins with the Maspero massacre in Egypt in October 2011, which left 27 Coptic [...]
Tuesday (2015)
Salı (original title)
Short Film, 12 min
Production countries: Turkey,France
Director: Ziya Demirel
Plot keywords: drama
An ordinary school day for a teenage girl in Istanbul and her encounters with three different men as she goes to school, plays basketball and takes a bus on the way home. [...]
The Translator (2014)
The Translator (original title)
Short Film, 23 min
Production countries: Turkey,United Kingdom
Director: Emre Kayis
Plot keywords: drama
Yusuf is a 13 years old refugee boy who lives in a small Turkish border town in exile with his grandparents. He works on a sand quarry to support his family. The environment of the poor neighborhood and [...]
Entanglement (2015)
Dolanma (original title)
Fiction, 100 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Tunc Davut
Plot keywords: drama
As seasonal forest workers, brothers Kemal and Cemal struggle with an uncertain future, living in a house on the outskirts of a village in the West Black Sea Region. One day Kemal arrives home [...]
Through My Lens (2015)
Artik Hayallerim Var (original title)
Documentary, 62 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Nefin Dinc
Plot keywords: documentary
If you were given one sentence to say to the world, what would it be? Through My Lens tells the story of 72 students from six different cities around Turkey producing their first short films on democracy [...]
Idil Biret: The Portrait of a child prodigy (2015)
İdil Biret: bir harika çocuğun portresi (original title)
Documentary, 56 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Eytan Ipeker
Plot keywords: documentary
Idil Biret was five-years-old when she played the piano to the Turkish President İsmet İnönü. Two years later, the parliament passed "Idil’s Law" which allowed her to study in Paris. Away from her [...]
We Hit the Road (2014)
Yollara Düştük (original title)
Documentary, 56 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Deniz Yesil
Plot keywords: documentary
Film industry labourers had decided to march against the new censorship act in 1977. 60 years of silence in cinema was going to be interrupted for good. From actors/actresses to set workers, 400 women [...]
Smudge (0)
İs (original title)
Documentary, 24 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Erol Karakaya
Plot keywords: documentary
Smudge tells the story of people who make a living by making wood coal, the story of the conversation set between being coal and being a human... "The process of being a human is very complex process that [...]
Before Dawn (2015)
Berroj (original title)
Documentary, 70 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Omer Leventoglu
Plot keywords: documentary
"In 2014, the world witnessed a rare incident. The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, (ISIS) who claim to fight in the name of Islam, launched an aggressive and destructive war. Their assault moved rapidly [...]
Colony (2015)
Koloni (original title)
Documentary, 50 min
Production countries: Turkey,Netherlands
Director: Gurcan Keltek
Plot keywords: documentary
The sun rises at the Beşparmak Mountains. The autonomous Missing Persons Committee is conducting excavations at these mountains along with scientists and undercover witnesses. Skeletons will be exhumed [...]
Sigh (2015)
Soluk (original title)
Documentary, 43 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Metin Kaya
Plot keywords: documentary
Zonguldak, city of mines and miners... City of people entering underground at the cost of their lives, under heavy work conditions. There are also illegal mines in the city–mines, where not even the [...]
June Fire (2014)
Haziran Yangini (original title)
Documentary, 65 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Gurkan Hacir
Plot keywords: documentary
On the 1st of June, the police used real bullets in Kızılay Square in Ankara during the Gezi Protests. Ethem Sarısülük, 26, was fatally injured by a bullet to his head. The cameras were recording [...]
Hey Neighbour! (2014)
Komşu Komşu! Huu! (original title)
Documentary, 54 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Bingol Elmas
Plot keywords: documentary
The neighbourliness of a single-story, old house and a so-called "residence"... A monster named "urban transformation" has surfaced in Turkey since the last few years. Haunting neighbourhoods, this monster [...]
Giaour Neighbourhood (2014)
Gavur Mahallesi (original title)
Documentary, 95 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Yusuf Kenan Beysulen
Plot keywords: documentary
Multiculturalism, uprooting, migration and the life of the others…Giaour Neighbourhood, is about Diyarbakır, a once diverse city; and it is also about Mıgırdiç Margosyan, who forged iron with his [...]
Naked (2015)
Şilfîtazî (original title)
Documentary, 47 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Zekeriya Aydogan
Plot keywords: documentary
Aso’s 75-year-long life is filled with two important occupations. After helping her close friend Latife during labour thirty years ago, she was renowned in the region and became a well-known midwife, [...]
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