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King of the Belgians (2016)
King of the Belgians (original title)
Fiction, 94 min
Production countries: Belgium,Netherlands,Bulgaria
Director: Peter Brosens
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
Nicolas III is on a state visit in Istanbul when Wallonia, Belgium’s southern half declares its independence. The King must return to save his kingdom. But a powerful solar storm distrusts all telecommunication [...]
Kusturica. Balkan's Bad Boy (2012)
Documentary, 60 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Yavor Vesselinov
A film director, an actor, a musician, an organizer of festivals, a husband, a father, a grand-father, a friend, a professor... This film is an unexpected meeting with one of the most fascinating European [...]
Labyrinths of Love (2015)
Лабиринты любви (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Bulgaria,Russia
Director: Vladimir Shteryanov
Plot keywords: drama
In the world of today phones, computers, WiFi, cellular networks, satellites are connecting people, and seemingly instantly too… It is a far cry from having the other by your side though. Five independent [...]
Lady Zee (2005)
Лейди Зи (original title)
Fiction, 96 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Georgi Djulgerov
Plot keywords: drama
Lechko, a sixteen-year-old gypsy boy, sings to a baby-boy about his mother Zlatina. Zlatina, as well as Lechko, who is a year younger, grew up in an institution for abandoned children.At a funfair, at [...]
Lazar (2015)
Lazar (original title)
Fiction, 110 min
Production countries: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,Croatia,Bulgaria,France
Director: Svetozar Ristovski
Plot keywords: drama
Lazar and his brother in law Toni are involved in smuggling illegal aliens across the border with Greece. They both entered thi shady business because of their desperate economic situation. Toni lost his [...]
Letter to America (2001)
Pismo do Amerika (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Bulgaria,Netherlands,Hungary
Director: Iglika Trifonova
Plot keywords: drama
Ivan's (Phillip Avramov) best friend, Kamen (Peter Antonov), is dying in an American hospital. Ivan, denied a visa to travel to the United States, can’t even stay by his best friend’s side. Unwilling [...]
Life Almost Wonderful (2013)
Живот Почти Прекрасен (original title)
Documentary, 85 min
Production countries: Bulgaria,Belgium
Director: Svetoslav Draganov
The Liliev brothers share one surname, but that’s where the similarity ends. They don’t even share the same father. They got their name from their mother Lily, who is no longer alive. The only [...]
Lighthouse Woman (2014)
Jenata ot Fara (original title)
Short Film, 20 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Ana Kitanova
Plot keywords: Mystery, drama
Eddie finds out that he has been adopted and starts investigating his mother’s mysterious death – she has jumped from the top of the lighthouse. Following the evidence left behind, Eddie begins to [...]
Listen (2014)
Чyй (original title)
Documentary, 75 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Diana Ivanova
Plot keywords: documentary
Where is the truth when everything is propaganda? LISTEN gives unexpected answers to the old, but always pressing, question. The film tells the forgotten story of one of the most dangerous enemies of communist [...]
Living Legends (2014)
Живи легенди (original title)
Fiction, 100 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Niki Iliev
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama, Romance
Pavel is a man in his thirties holding a high-end position in an upscale bank. One day, he suffers an accident and falls into a coma. When he wakes up, it emerges that he has partial amnesia and can remember [...]
Losers (2015)
Каръци (original title)
Fiction, 97 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Ivaylo Hristov
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
Elena, Koko, Patso and Gosho are high school students in a small provincial town. They are inseparable friends that share the belief that they are «losers». Koko is in love with Elena. The girl wants [...]
Lost and Found - Six Glances of a Generation (2005)
Lost and Found - Six Glances of a Generation (original title)
Fiction, 99 min
Production countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina,Serbia,Montenegro,Hungary,Germany,Romania,Bulgaria,3Serbia
Plot keywords: drama, animation
"Lost and Found" is a film project for which six young filmmakers from Central and Eastern Europe have each developed a short film on the theme of "generation". Together, these six short films make a whole [...]
Love & Engineering (2014)
Rakkauden Insinöörit (original title)
Documentary, 84 min
Production countries: Bulgaria,Finland,Germany
Director: Tonislav Hristov
Is there an algorithm for love? Atanas, a Bulgarian engineer living in Finland, is determined to find out. With the help of some of his geeky bachelor friends, he sets up a series of experiments to crack [...] (2011) (original title)
Fiction, 108 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Ilian Djevelekov
Plot keywords: drama, Romance
"Internet changed not only the way we work, but also the way we love." Aaron Ben ZeevLOVE.NET follows the parallel stories of a number of characters who are trying to change their lives via the Internet [...]
L`s Revolt (2006)
Бунтът на Л. (original title)
Fiction, 106 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Kiran Kolarov
Plot keywords: drama
This is a story about Loris, a talented boy. Loris makes an attempt to escape over the Bulgarian border, but he is caught. Loris is given a prison sentence. 1989 has gone. The Berlin wall has fallen. Loris [...]
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