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Karpotrotter (2012)
Karpopotnik (original title)
Documentary, 50 min
Production country: Slovenia
Director: Matjaz Ivanisin
In 1971 the 28 year-old K.G. took his camera, travelled across Vojvodina (at that time part of Yugoslavia), and shot an unusual road trip film I Have a House (Imam jednu kuću). Only fragments of [...]
Going Our Way (2010)
Gremo mi po svoje (original title)
Fiction, 92 min
Production country: Slovenia
Director: Miha Hocevar
Plot keywords: Comedy
Teenager Alex and his friends go to a summer camp by the river. The camp leader is quite annoying – he takes scouting much too seriously, which causes conflict, as the boys would rather have fun, try [...]
Southern Scum Go Home! (2013)
Cefurji raus! (original title)
Fiction, 100 min
Production country: Slovenia
Director: Goran Vojnović
Plot keywords: Comedy
Marko and his three friends live in an ill-famed Ljubljana suburb, Fužine. Violence, crime and drugs slowly become part of their everyday life; old friendships begin to crumble and they go their separate [...]
Panic! (2013)
Panika! (original title)
Fiction, 103 min
Production country: Slovenia
Director: Barbara Zemljic
Vera, a 40 year old frustrated woman, is stuck in a rut. She is fixated upon the notion that she will never fall in love again and never experience la vie en rose. Therefore she listens with both her heart [...]
Seduce me (2013)
Zapelji me (original title)
Fiction, 83 min
Production country: Slovenia
Director: Marko Santic
Plot keywords: drama
Luka (19) is leaving a youth care centre, his only sanctuary for the past nine years, after his mother and relatives abandoned him. His wish is to find out where his father is buried. At his work, he falls [...]
Mother Europe (2012)
Mama Europa (original title)
Documentary, 90 min
Production countries: Slovenia,Croatia,Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Director: Petra Seliskar
Mother Europe is an intimate conversation between mother and daughter. They come from a place between borders. Mother tries to explain this "in between" to 6-year old daughter. They speak about borders, [...]
Porn Film (2000)
Porno Film (original title)
Fiction, 80 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Damjan Kozole
Plot keywords: Comedy
Charlie, a professional shop-window decorator, coincidentally gets involved in debt-enforcement trade, but at the end of the day he decides to shoot the first Slovene pornographic film with his friends. [...]
Labour Equals Freedom (2004)
Delo osvobaja (original title)
Fiction, 71 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Damjan Kozole
Plot keywords: drama, Comedy
Peter is in his early forties and until recently he worked in a factory, but after Slovenia's integration into the European Union, the factory closed down and Peter and his colleagues have been made redundant. [...]
Forever (II) (2008)
Za vedno (original title)
Fiction, 82 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Damjan Kozole
Plot keywords: drama
Tanya is 35, with a successful career. Her husband Mare is an architect. One Friday, Tanya comes home late at night. Mare confronts her and they exchange some edgy words; Mare is clearly jealous, he loses [...]
Stereotype (1997)
Stereotip (original title)
Fiction, 91 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Damjan Kozole
Plot keywords: drama
Marjetka is living ten years with Maks, who is a painter, and an uncompromising conceptualist. At first, it seemed different: Max was witty, charming, talented and promising, so he hired Marjetka to reach [...]
Class Enemy (2013)
Razredni Sovražnik (original title)
Fiction, 112 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Rok Bicek
Plot keywords: drama
Due to a huge difference in the way they perceive life, the relationship between students and their new German language teacher becomes critically tense. When one of the students commits suicide, [...]
With Mom (2013)
Sa Mamom (original title)
Fiction, 0 min
Production countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina,Germany,Slovenia
Director: Faruk Loncarevic
Plot keywords: drama
Gist: A Sarajevo-set coming of ager, or rather, a self-declared “true” (as in ‘genuine’) coming-of-age story, in that it looks at the moment when we realize that we will cease to be someone’s [...]
Screens (2013)
Screens (original title)
Documentary, 8 min
Production countries: Slovenia,Bosnia-Herzegovina,Germany
Director: Hanna Slak
17 years after the Srebrenica genocide, people still gather once a year to bury their loved ones. For some it is an intimate event, for others a collective political gathering. Screens are used to [...]
Good to Go (2013)
Srecen za umret (original title)
Fiction, 100 min
Production countries: Slovenia,Croatia
Director: Matevz Luzar
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
Good To Go is a bittersweet portrait of a man confronting the loneliness of old age. It is a film about life and how it is never too late to start living as if there were no tomorrow. Above all, it is [...]
A Girl And A Tree (2013)
Deklica in drevo (original title)
Documentary, 83 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Vlado Skafar
Plot keywords: drama, non-fiction
"... And what is now with that girl who wanted a bicycle, so red, with three wheels? And her wish for Santa Claus to bring her a muff just like Polona Pitihova’s: a grey one with white ribbon and dangling [...]
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