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Elevator (2008)
Elevator (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production country: Romania
Director: George Dorobantu
Plot keywords: drama
A boy and a girl, high school teenagers, want to get away from the world and be alone for a while, so they hide in an abandoned factory on the outskirts. But there they fall in a trap of their own intention, [...]
Eruption (1959)
Eruptia (original title)
Fiction, 108 min
Production country: Romania
Director: Liviu Ciulei
Plot keywords: drama
It was a deserted, torrid place, where the oil derricks lay abandoned and everything was dust and heat-ridden. The people who lived there were unsociable. Most of them had already left the unhospitable [...]
Europolis (2011)
Europolis (original title)
Fiction, 98 min
Production countries: Romania,France
Director: Corneliu Gheorghita
Plot keywords: drama
Nae lives in a small village in East Rumania. A telegram arrives telling him 
that his long lost uncle Luca has died.The wire was sent by Luca’s executer
 asking Nae and his mother to go to France [...]
Everybody in Our Family (2012)
Toată lumea din familia noastră (original title)
Fiction, 107 min
Production countries: Romania,Netherlands
Director: Radu Jude
Plot keywords: drama
Marius is a divorced man in his late thirties. His ex-wife, Otilia, remarried with an accountant. Their 5 years old daughter, Sofia, lives with her mother, causing Marius a deep frustration. According [...]
Exchange (2008)
Schimb valutar (original title)
Fiction, 98 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Nicolae Margineanu
Plot keywords: drama
In a small town, Emil becomes unemployed when the factory where he was working closes. After a while, his wife loses her job and the two decide to emigrate to Australia. Emil sold his apartment and bought [...]
Fed Up (1994)
Această Lehamite (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Mircea Daneliuc
Plot keywords: Comedy
Young Doina has a car accident. In Intensive Care, the doctor, Vali, calls her time of death but discovers that the child she was carrying is still alive. Wishing to save its life, the doctor puts the [...]
First of All, Felicia (2009)
Felicia, înainte de toate (original title)
Fiction, 120 min
Production countries: Romania,France,Croatia,Belgium
Director: Razvan Radulescu
Plot keywords: drama
In a time of no-thrill traveling, where taking a plane is like taking the bus, and in a culture that supports us to find our place everywhere under the sun, First of All, Felicia talks about [...]
Forest Of The Hanged (1964)
Padurea spânzuratilor (original title)
Fiction, 158 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Liviu Ciulei
Plot keywords: drama, History, Romance
In his brilliant, multilayered antiwar drama Forest of the Hanged, renowned Romanian director Liviu Ciulei captures the First World War through the eyes of Apostol Bologa, an officer in the Austro-Hungarian [...]
Foxhunting (1980)
Vânătoarea De Vulpi (original title)
Fiction, 99 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Mircea Daneliuc
Plot keywords: drama
A Romanian village in the '50s. Năiţă Lucean, a cunning and stubborn peasant, opposes the collectivization process through all possible artifices. He instinctively feels that signing his land and cattle [...]
Gone with the Wine (2002)
Pe Aripile Vinului (original title)
Short Film, 9 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Corneliu Porumboiu
Graduation (2016)
Bacalaureat (original title)
Fiction, 128 min
Production countries: Romania,France,Belgium
Director: Cristian Mungiu
Plot keywords: drama
Graduation is a family drama that centers on themes of parenting set against the backdrop of a small Romanian town where everybody knows everyone. [...]
Great Communist Bank Robbery (2004)
Marele jaf comunist (original title)
Documentary, 75 min
Production countries: Romania,United Kingdom,France
Director: Alexandru Solomon
In 1959, in Romania, six former members of the nomenklatura and the secret police organize a hold up of the National Bank. After confessing, the robbers agreed to re-enact their crime. An hour-long film [...]
Gruber`s Journey (2008)
Calatoria lui Gruber (original title)
Fiction, 100 min
Production countries: Romania,Hungary
Director: Radu Gabrea
Plot keywords: drama
In June 1941, Curzio Malaparte (Florin Piersic Jr.), an Italian journalist and member of the Fascist party, arrives in the Romanian city of Iasi on the way to cover the Russian front for an Italian newspaper. [...]
Guardian Angel (1987)
(original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Director: Goran Paskaljevic
Plot keywords: crime, drama
The Guardian Angel in this harrowing film is the one who doesn't protect gypsy children from being sold into virtual slavery with gangs of organized beggars, pickpockets, and thieves all over Europe. Once [...]
Happiest Girl in the World, The (2009)
Cea mai fericita fata din lume (original title)
Fiction, 99 min
Production countries: Romania,Netherlands
Director: Radu Jude
Eighteen-year-old Delia comes from a poor family living in a small Romanian town. She is the winner of an advertising campaign: she sent in three juice-bottle labels and won an expensive car. Delia and [...]
Happy Funerals (2013)
Funeralii Fericite (original title)
Fiction, 111 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Horatiu Malaele
Plot keywords: Comedy
Three heavy boozers—a Romanian, a Russian and a Bulgarian are tripling away their... happiness, into vodka, at a joint called "The Happy Immigrant", kept by a Turk. The crowd at this venue, made out [...]
Hawaii (2017)
Hawaii (original title)
Fiction, 116 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Jesus Del Cerro
Plot keywords: drama
Suspense mounts after Andrei and his father Vasile receive news of an inheritance that communist Romania won’t let them claim. As they try to get travel documents to go to Yugoslavia, a cat and mouse [...]
Hello! How Are You? (2011)
Buna! Ce faci? (original title)
Fiction, 105 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Alexandru Maftei
Plot keywords: romantic comedy
Gabriel and Gabriela have been happily married for 20 years but the physical attraction is no longer there. Is this all life has to offer? After independently of one another they discover the same internet [...]
Here... I Mean There (2012)
Aici... adică acolo (original title)
Documentary, 76 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Laura Capatana Juller
Plot keywords: Family
“Here... I Mean There” is a very intimate story about the longing for a basic human emotion: parental love. It is a story told by two teenage sisters who have been living separated from their parents [...]
Holiday At The Seaside (2013)
Holiday At The Seaside (original title)
Short Film, 16 min
Production countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina,Romania,Hungary
Director: Cristina Grosan
Amalia, a girl of thirteen, gets her first period one day before leaving for the seaside with her family. Having a distant relationship with her parents, she decides to take care of the issue [...]
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