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Kedi/ Nine Lives: Cats in Istanbul (2015)
Kedi/ Nine Lives: Cats in Istanbul (original title)
Documentary, 80 min
Production countries: Turkey,USA
Director: Ceyda Torun
A documentary of an ancient city and its unique people, seen through the eyes of the most mysterious and beloved animal humans have ever known, the Cat. [...]
Baglar (2015)
Bağlar (original title)
Documentary, 79 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Berke Bas
Plot keywords: war, sport
An underdog basketball team under the helm of an idealist school teacher from hard scrabble Diyarbakir in Southeastern Turkey goes beyond winning games in their mission to rise above prejudice, poverty [...]
Dust Cloth (2015)
Toz Bezi (original title)
Fiction, 99 min
Production countries: Turkey,Germany
Director: Ahu Ozturk
Plot keywords: drama
Nesrin and Hatun are cleaning ladies in Istanbul. They are friends, neighbours and Kurds. Nesrin has kicked her husband out. It was only intended as a warning, but now he hasn’t returned, and Nesrin [...]
Hotel Dallas (2016)
Hotel Dallas (original title)
Fiction, 75 min
Production countries: Romania,USA
Director: Livia Ungur
Plot keywords: fiction, documentary, drama
In the 80s, in the twilight of communist Romania,  "Dallas" is the only American show allowed on TV. It offers a vision of wealth and glamour that captures the imagination of millions. Among them [...]
On the Other Side (2016)
S one strane (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production countries: Croatia,Serbia
Director: Zrinko Ogresta
Plot keywords: fiction, drama
Vesna, a nurse, lives with her two grown-up children in Zagreb. Vesna’s son is married and his wife is expecting their second child; her daughter is engaged, and all seems well in the world. But their [...]
Death in Sarajevo (2016)
Smrt u Sarajevu (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production countries: France,Bosnia-Herzegovina
Director: Danis Tanovic
Plot keywords: drama
Sarajevo on 28 of June, 2014. At the Hotel Europa, the best hotel in town, the manager Omer prepares to welcome a delegation of diplomatic VIPs. On the centenary of the assassination that is considered [...]
Spring Awakening (2015)
Το Ξύπνημα της 'Ανοιξης (original title)
Fiction, 89 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Constantinos Giannaris
Plot keywords: drama
Contemporary Athens: A gang of teenage thieves and romantic anarchists test the limits of their youthful rebellion and play out their own tragic spring awakening against the backdrop of a dying city. [...]
The art of crisis, theatre matters (2014)
Η τέχνη της κρίσης, η περίπτωση του θεάτρου (original title)
Documentary, 55 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Katerina Patroni
Confronted with the many different facets of the economic crisis, artists invent ways of reflecting the reality that surrounds them. Their love of the theater becomes a persistent, ever-growing need to [...]
Across the Sea (II) (2015)
De l'autre côté de la mer (original title)
Fiction, 106 min
Production countries: Switzerland,Albania
Director: Pierre Maillard
Plot keywords: drama
A former war photographer tries to dispel his personal ghosts by only taking pictures of trees. He lives alone among olive trees in southern Italy. One day he decides to cross the sea to Albania, where [...]
Dark Illusion (2014)
Dark Illusion (original title)
Fiction, 72 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Manos Karystinos
Plot keywords: psychological thriller
Alkis is an introvert photographer with a personality disorder. Despite the strong relationship he has developed with his mother, he’s driven to despair because of the tension between her and his alcoholic [...]
Let the music play (2014)
Çalsın Sazlar (original title)
Documentary, 97 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Nesli Colgecen
Plot keywords: Romance, drama, Comedy
The story of two friends, both dreamers and easy going, who fall in love with the same girl and the resulting relationships involving passion, conflict and friendship from a fun yet naively sorrow perspective. [...]
The Republic (2015)
The Republic (original title)
Fiction, 108 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Dimitris Tzetzas
Plot keywords: thriller, crime, action
Achilles is a photographer living in Athens, together with his brother. In order to make ends meet Achilles is working for Mario Sfikas, a respected political reporter who is the behind-the-scenes mastermind [...]
Bright Black (2014)
Svetlo črna (original title)
Short Film, 25 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Rene Maurin
Plot keywords: Comedy, fantasy
A desperate painter struggling with artistic and financial hardship pawns the last valuable item he possesses -grandfather’s beloved armchair. This seemingly mundane action propels him on a [...]
A Good Fellow (2014)
Iyi Biri (original title)
Fiction, 109 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Ayhan Sonyurek
Plot keywords: Comedy
Mizrap may be a “good fellow” to everybody else, but to his family he is a big disappointment, a 40 year old with no job, no goals, no ambitions whatsoever. When he gets kicked out of the house it [...]
Thirst (2015)
Жажда (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Svetla Tsotsorkova
Plot keywords: drama
A couple and their teenage son eke out a living on a hilltop, doing the laundry for local hotels, despite the intermittent water supply. Their simple life is overturned by the arrival of a father-and-daughter [...]
Ursa Minor (2015)
Μικρή Άρκτος (original title)
Fiction, 86 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Elissavet Chronopoulou
Plot keywords: drama
Why does a polar bear feel sleepy come fall? Why does she lose her appetite?Why does she avoid fights?It' 's not easy to find out the secrets of the polar bear.A story in 12 shots.  [...]
Ecdysis (2015)
Έκδυσις (original title)
Short Film, 18 min
Production countries: Greece,United Kingdom
Director: Faidra Tsolina
Plot keywords: drama
Ecdysis is a surreal journey through an indecisive mind. When his car breaks down, a man finds himself at a bus stop in the middle of nowhere. He soon meets a girl named Dog, and after a chat with her [...]
March 4 (2015)
4 Μαρτίου (original title)
Short Film, 15 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Dimitris Nakos
Plot keywords: drama
Maria, a young girl from Ukraine, is looking after Mrs. Ourania, an old bedridden woman in a village in Greece. Only Chris knows her secret. March 4th is her last chance. [...]
Inner Land (2015)
Inner Land (original title)
Short Film, 18 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Vivian Papageorgiou
Plot keywords: drama
In a small isolated village, a young female teacher goes to work in a weird school. Her time differs from that of the school. Teachers & students trap her gradually in their own "dead" world which [...]
Fig (2015)
Σύκο (original title)
Short Film, 13 min
Production countries: Greece,Sweden
Director: Nicolas Kolovos
Plot keywords: drama
Eleni asks for a fig on her deathbed. Her husband Kostas goes to the nearest fig tree to get one, but falls down and breaks his leg. Time is short, and Kostas is old. With on fig in his hand he struggles [...]
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