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Hanka (1955)
Hanka (original title)
Fiction, 132 min
Production country: Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Director: Slavoljub (Slavko) Vorkapich
Plot keywords: drama
HANKA is a classical Yugoslav film about a free-spirited Muslim Gypsy woman. The film tells a fairly standard story of love, betrayal, seduction, a murder investigation, and intrigue. A production of Bosna [...]
Suntan (2015)
Suntan (original title)
Fiction, 104 min
Production countries: Greece,Germany
Director: Argyris Papadimitropoulos
Plot keywords: drama, Comedy, Romance
Kostis is a 40-year-old doctor that finds himself in the small island of Antiparos, in order to take over the local clinic. His whole life and routine will turn upside down when he meets an international [...]
Diving-In (2014)
Kopanje (original title)
Short Film, 15 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Simon Intihar
Plot keywords: drama
A man, who caused a tragedy which hurt his and his family's lives, wants only one thing: That the people he cares most about give him one last chance. [...]
Ember (2016)
Kor (original title)
Fiction, 145 min
Production countries: Turkey,Germany
Director: Zeki Demirkubuz
Plot keywords: drama
When her husband Cemal is arrested in Romania, Emine is left alone with their child who needs immediate surgery. She takes a job as a needle worker at a garment workshop where she comes across Ziya, her [...]
Blind Sun (2015)
Καύσωνας (original title)
Fiction, 88 min
Production countries: Greece,France
Director: Joyce A. Nashawati
Plot keywords: drama, thriller
Greece. Sometime in the near future. A seaside resort struck by a heavy heat wave. Water is rare and violence is mounting. Ashraf, a solitary immigrant, is looking after a villa while its owners are away. [...]
Worlds Apart (2015)
Ένας Άλλος Κόσμος (original title)
Fiction, 113 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Christoforos Papakaliatis
Plot keywords: drama, Romance
Three separate narratives each following a love story between a foreigner and a Greek. Each story represents a different generation falling in love during a time of socioeconomic turmoil that dominates [...]
My father, my mother, my sister (2016)
Баща ми, майка ми, сестра ми (original title)
Fiction, 95 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Dimitar Kotzev-Shosho
Plot keywords: drama
Iva (17) and Maya (12) are sisters. They have a common father Andrey and different mothers – Irina and Neda. Iva lives with Irina, her second husband and their younger children – 7-year twins. Maya [...]
Bulgarian Rhapsody aka THE ROAD TO COSTA DEL MARESME (2014)
Българска рапсодия aka ПЪТЯТ КЪМ КОСТА ДЕЛ МАРЕСМЕ (original title)
Fiction, 108 min
Production countries: Bulgaria
Director: Ivan Nitchev
Plot keywords: drama
The summer of 1943. The Jews of Greater Bulgaria must obey the laws of Germany. Moni and Giogio meet Shelly (17) and their friendship is put to the test as they both fall in love with her, while the war [...]
Nausea (2015)
Bulanti (original title)
Fiction, 115 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Zeki Demirkubuz
Plot keywords: drama
Nausea, tells the story of well-to-do academic/intellectual, Ahmet. As an individual who acts as if he has ‘has never felt’, and ‘prefers not to remember’ the pain of personal tragedy, Ahmet inhabits [...]
The miracle of Tekir (2015)
Miracolul Din Tekir (original title)
Fiction, 88 min
Production countries: Switzerland,Romania
Director: Ruxandra Zenide
Plot keywords: drama, Mystery
Unmarried Mara has mysteriously fallen pregnant. This poses a problem for her fellow residents of the small fishing village on the Danube delta, where Europe’s second longest river enters the Black Sea, [...]
Smac (2015)
Smac (original title)
Fiction, 110 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Elias Demetriou
Plot keywords: drama
Smac or Second Mitochondrial Activator of Caspases is a protein that promotes cell death. Without this protein our cells become immortalised but unfortunatelly we die from the uncontrolled cell multiplication. [...]
The Paradise Suite (2015)
The Paradise Suite (original title)
Fiction, 123 min
Production countries: Netherlands,Sweden,Bulgaria
Director: Joost van Ginkel
Plot keywords: drama
This is a story about six people finding each other and, sometimes with just one glance, influencing each other’s lives irreversible. For the beautiful young Bulgarian Jenya, her trip to Amsterdam turns [...]
Face to Face (1979)
Ballë për Ballë (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries: Albania
Director: Kujtim Cashku
Plot keywords: drama
Face To Face is a 1979 Albanian drama film directed by Kujtim Çashku and based on a novel by the Albanian writer Ismail Kadare, The Great Winter, served as the basis for the screenplay. The events in [...]
Open Wound (2016)
Otvorena (original title)
Fiction, 75 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Momir Milosevic
Plot keywords: drama, horror
An intense friendship between Sara and Alisa comes to a strange and abrupt end after Sara opens up about urges beyond physical desire. Oppressed by her environment, Alisa becomes estranged, leaving Sara [...]
Legacy (2015)
Amanet (original title)
Fiction, 93 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Nemanja Cipranic
Plot keywords: drama, thriller
The life of the main character Todor, who lives modestly with his mother, suddenly takes a U turn with the appearance of Višnja, a pregnant girl who desperately needs his help and protection. Their relationship [...]
Through the Ashes of the Empire (1978)
Prin cenusa imperiului (original title)
Fiction, 101 min
Production countries: Romania
Plot keywords: drama, History
The film captures the metaphorical breakup of an empire and why Nations revival-and imperious claimed independence. Everything is seen from the perspective of two characters moving almost ghostly "through [...]
Apophenia (2016)
Apofenija (original title)
Fiction, 183 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Marin Malesevic
Plot keywords: drama
Relying on the work of Letonian scientist Constantine Raudive, Marko Mazibrada, a psychiatrist disappointed in his profession, performs experiments aimed to empirically determine whether there is life [...]
Three Days in September (2015)
Tri Dana u Septembru (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Director: Darijan Pejovski
Plot keywords: drama, thriller
In this tense psychological thriller two completely different women meet on a train. Marika is running away from her past, while Jana is on her way to face her own. They arrive to a small Macedonian village, [...]
A Good Wife (2016)
Dobra žena (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Serbia,Bosnia-Herzegovina,Croatia
Director: Mirjana Karanovic
Plot keywords: drama
After thirty years of marriage, the protagonist discovers a secret about her husband which will force her to make a decision – continue living in hiding from the truth, or leaving everything she has [...]
A Stinking Fairytale (2015)
Smrdljiva bajka (original title)
Fiction, 98 min
Production countries: Serbia
Director: Miroslav Momcilovic
Plot keywords: drama
Moma is a hobo and suffers from depression. Ema is a hobo and she was treated for alcoholism. Moma lives in the abandoned factory premises. Ema lives in the shaft. Moma liked Ema at first sight. Ema liked [...]
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