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Bliss (I) (2007)
Mutluluk (original title)
Fiction, 105 min
Production countries: Turkey,Greece
Director: Abdullah Oguz
Plot keywords: drama
Based on the internationally acclaimed novel by Zülfü Livaneli and set against the backdrop of Turkeys natural wonders, Bliss is an eye-opening story about the taboo subject of honor killings.When 17-year-old [...]
Block C (1994)
C Blok (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Zeki Demirkubuz
Plot keywords: drama
Tulay, whose unhappy marriage is disintegrating, lives in a modern apartment complex. Halit, an employee of the complex, spies on Tulay and watches her every move. One evening, when Tulay returns home, [...]
Bonus (2001)
Εφάπαξ (original title)
Fiction, 90 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Nikos Zapatinas
Plot keywords: Comedy
To stop his wife and mother-in-law from getting their hands on his bonus following his retirement from the Municipality of Athens after 25 years as a sanitation worker, Pantelis starts his own personal [...]
Boogie (aka Summer Holidays) (2008)
Boogie - 30 si ceva (original title)
Fiction, 98 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Radu Muntean
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
On his official mini-holiday with his wife and child at the seaside, Bogdan runs into his best friends from high school. Remembering the glorious binges and sexual escapades of his youth, he decides to [...]
Bordello (1985)
Μπορντέλο (original title)
Fiction, 130 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Nikos Koundouros
Crete 1897. The Greek rebels have gained their freedom in their mountains and they are now demanding that the Great Powers recognize the end of Turkish domination of the island. An Allied fleet of French, [...]
Border Post (2006)
Karaula (original title)
Fiction, 94 min
Production countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina,Croatia,Slovenia,Serbia,Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia,United Kingdom,Hungary
Director: Rajko Grlic
Plot keywords: drama, Comedy, action
At a small border-post on the Yugoslav-Albanian border, yet another generation of soldiers suffering the usual amount of boredom awaits the end of their service, counting days to the moment when they should [...]
Borderline (1993)
Μεταίχμιο (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Panos Karkanevatos
Plot keywords: drama
Two brothers, Stelios and Yannis, grow up in a mining village. Α world of rust and stone and earth tremors from underground explosions. The father is a miner. The mother is dead. Stelios, the eldest [...]
Borrowed Bride (2005)
Egreti gelin (original title)
Fiction, 100 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Atif Yilmaz
Plot keywords: drama
Ali is 18 year old and still a boy at heart. He is engaged to marry his childhood friend Neşe, but is unenthusiastic about it. Emine is a poor woman whose boyfriend Hasan is in jail. To help Ali prepare [...]
Brazilero (2001)
Μπραζιλέρο (original title)
Fiction, 95 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Sotiris Goritsas
"The three of us were buddies, OK? Me, Giovanni, the Italian and Alex the Dutchman. Until the day when all of a sudden, I mean right out of the blue, the two foreigners got "a bee in their bonnet" and [...]
Bread and Circuses (2011)
Kruha in iger (original title)
Fiction, 94 min
Production countries: Slovenia
Director: Klemen Dvornik
Plot keywords: Comedy
Family Novak from a small town Velenje is drawn by lot to participate in a TV family quiz. The mother and the daughter are thrilled about appearing on TV, whereas the father and the son do not like the [...]
Breath of Earth (2003)
Η πνοή της γης (original title)
Documentary, 64 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Panos Karkanevatos
The action is set in Central Macedonia: Serres, Sochos, Aghia Eleni, Naoussa and elsewhere. Ancient, primeval ceremonies that have come down to us often in the guise of Christianity. Elements that make [...]
Brides (2004)
Νύφες (original title)
Fiction, 128 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Pantelis Voulgaris
Plot keywords: drama, Romance, migration
Summer of 1922. Photographer Norman Harris and Niki are sailing to America aboard the same ship. Norman in first class and Niki in third, together with some 700 other brides. They all carry the photograph [...]
Brothers and Friends (1982)
Vëllezër dhe shokë (original title)
Fiction, 84 min
Production countries: Albania
Director: Dhimiter Anagnosti
Plot keywords: drama
1941, World War II. The film begins with the return of Vasos in his native village. As a communist he gave a different meaning to his villagers to protest against their enemies. Vasos brother, Marko, dreams [...]
Buick Riviera (2008)
Buick Riviera (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production countries: Croatia,Germany,Bosnia-Herzegovina,USA,United Kingdom
Director: Goran Rusinovic
The story of Buick Riviera is told through the fates of two men, both Bosnian (ex Yugoslavian) emigrants, belonging to the two different religious groups that fought for the city of Sarajevo during the [...]
Burn (2001)
Burn (original title)
Fiction, 0 min
Production countries: USA,Former Federal Republic of Yugoslavia
Director: Vladan Nikolic
Plot keywords: thriller, drama, war
Based on true stories, BURN follows Call Me Joe, as he calls himself, an emigrant from the former Yugoslavia, who comes to New York to make it and to forget the horrors of war in his country. By chance [...]
Burning Heads (2011)
Το γάλα (original title)
Fiction, 99 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Giorgos Siougas
Plot keywords: drama
Antonis, a 25 year old Russian immigrant, lives and works at a gas station in Larisa, a small town north of Athens. Ambitious and eager to climb the social ladder, he is also romantically involved with [...]
Byron, Ballad for a Daemon (1992)
Μπάιρον, Μπαλάντα για ένα δαίμονα (original title)
Fiction, 138 min
Production countries: Greece,Russia
Director: Nikos Koundouros
January 1824. Lord Byron arrives in Messolonghi, a small town on the west coast of Greece to be greeted as a Messiah by the Greeks who are in rebellion against the powerful Ottoman Empire. Exiled from [...]
California Dreamin` (Endless) (2007)
California Dreamin` (Nesfarsit) (original title)
Fiction, 155 min
Production countries: Romania
Director: Cristian Nemescu
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama, war
US Marine Cpt Jones is assigned to escort a train carrying NATO equipment headed for Yugoslavia during the war in Kosovo. His mission is held back by Doiaru, apparently a very thorough station master in [...]
Can (2011)
Can (original title)
Fiction, 106 min
Production countries: Turkey
Director: Rasit Celikezer
Plot keywords: drama
Ayşe and Cemal love each other and it has only been a few years since they got married. They manage to make it and live happily in Istanbul, which they have ran away to. The only thing missing in their [...]
Canteen (2009)
Η καντίνα (original title)
Fiction, 85 min
Production countries: Greece
Director: Stavros Kaplanidis
Plot keywords: Comedy, drama
A canteen by an old national costal road, open from dusk till dawn. Forty-year-old Philippos is the kind-hearted canteen owner who works hard to make a living. His assistant, Odysseas, never managed to [...]
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