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Cattleya, Italy
Production Company
A: Cattleya S.r.l. P.le Valerio Massimo, 7 00162 - Rome, Italy
T: +39 06 367201
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Cattleya was originally founded by Riccardo Tozzi in 1997, while he was Head of Production at European TV giant, Mediaset. The following year the company produced two notably successful films: Cristina Comencini's local comedy Matrimoni and Franco Zeffirelli's Tea with Mussolini , the latter a worldwide success, distributed by Medusa Film in Italy, MGM in the U.S. and Universal throughout the rest of the world.
In 1999 two new partners joined the company: Giovanni Stabilini – former Executive Vice President of Mediaset – and Marco Chimenz – Executive Vice President of Medusa Film. The three partners initiated the expansion of the company's domestic and international film production slate and began television production activities. This plan was boosted in late 2000 as the publishing and media group De Agostini and the financial group of SanPaolo IMI Private Equity joined Cattleya as minority partners.
Capitalizing on the partners' varied and complementary backgrounds in addition to their close relationships with many of the most significant international co-producers, distributors and financiers, Cattleya has earned its status as Italy's leading independent producer. It has also cemented its profile as the only Italian production company to offer a more industrial than boutique approach to its core business.
To this end Cattleya ensures the efficiency and workmanship of its staff while guaranteeing a creative work environment in constant development.
Over the last two years the company has created strong ties with a numerous group of talent boasting elevated artistic and commercial potential.
Cattleya's goal is to achieve and maintain an annual level of production of six to eight new film and television projects featuring the company's unique blend of attention to quality and broad public appeal. The company, therefore, has recently consolidated and reinforced its television production department, which is now under the management of Maurizio Tini, who, with his depth of experience as an independent television producer, shall enrich Cattleya's profile in this sector.
In addition to affirming its role as a strategic partner to the principal Italian distributors and networks – namely Medusa Film, Rai Cinema and Mediaset – and as a further and fundamental step towards achieving its goals, Cattleya is also particularly focused on productions with international appeal.
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Riccardo Tozzi
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