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Filopoimin Finos (1908-1977)
Φιλοποιμήν Φίνος (name in native language)
Director, Editor, Production Manager
Country: Greece
Born: 1908
Died: 26 January 1977
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Filopoimin Finos was a pioneer of the Greek Film industry as a major producer in the decades of 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s. In 1928 he finished his studies in law and political science and took charge of the cinema his father owned. He was the first, who established the talking cinema in summer room at Alcazar, across from Larissa Station in 1930. Nine years later, Finos sells all his possessions and founded the "Greek Film Studios." The following year Finos made his first and last directorial attempt with the movie The song of separation, with Lambros Konstantaras. In the Greek-Italian war he was serving in the Army Geographical Service, filming the exploits of the Greek army in the front. During the German domination of Greece in Second World War, the Germans arrested Finos, executed his father and loot all the equipment he possessed.  In 1943 he founds the production company Finos Film. First film of the new company was Dimitris Ioannopoulous` The voice of the heart, and by the end of the war Finos Film opens its wings. Until 1960 Finos Films productions fully covered the spectrum of cinematography including drama comedy and musicals. The collaboration with many distinctive names of the time, renown in direction, music, scriptwriting and acting made the films unique even until today. Finos was the man who gave impetus to the career of Irene Papas, but never thought that Melina Mercouri could become a star of the big screen, because of the large mouth. So in 1960, he missed the opportunity to pull his company abroad when he refused to take the proposal co movie Never on Sunday. In 1964 Finos produced the first Greek, stereo sound and colored film the Girls on kissing, which will be shown only in Attic theater, the only room with the appropriate technical infrastructure. The rise of the dictatorship of 1967 marks the era of mass productions in the Greek film industry. Four years later Finos Films launched in the Peania film studios, the oldest in the Balkan Peninsula. Despite that, the company struggles to survive and maintain its existences. Finos last film was the film Yannis Dalianidis` The Sun-trained George in 1977, starring Dinonysis Papagianopoulos. This was the "tombstone" of already bankrupt Finos Film. He was never concerned with television, which abhorred, and he never bought an investment but instead he preferred to put his money in movies and equipment. Throughout his carrier, Filopoimin Finos managed to produced more than 170 films and establish the inception of the Greek Film industry.
Mia zoi tin ehoume (1958)
Production Manager
We Only Have One Life (1958)
The Taxi Driver (1953)
Production Manager
The Grouch (1952)
Production Manager
Lily of the Harbor (1952)
Production Manager
The Drunkard (1950)
Song Of Separation (1940)
Aegean Tragedy ()
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